Mappers Co, Ltd. is a leading company in the GPS Navigation Map S⁄W field in Korea, currently holding 35% market share in the highly demanding and competitive Korean market.

Also, as a major Digital Map supplier in Korea, Mappers builds and maintains rich and accurate Digital Map Data while supplying GIS Solutions to major Korean corporations and government entities utilizing such data.

Recently, Mappers has been developing various Navigation Map S⁄W and GIS Solutions that are enabled for various mobile devices and online network environments.

Furthermore, after the impressive results in local market, Mappers has been turning its eyes into global market from 2009. and finally it could start to export its global version since mid of 2012.

Business Domain

Business Domain

Navigation Map S⁄W development GIS Solution & Services Mobile Service
  • Atlan 3D
  • Atlan Android
  • Atlan Wiz
  • Atlan Wiz PC
  • Atlan(Global Version)
  • Digital Map Data
  • Map Solutions for Web
  • Atlan X
  • Smart Phone Navigation
  • Smart Phone App
Description PND, Automotive, Mobile Navigation Map S⁄W development and updating service Development and supply of various GIS Solutions for various businesses Development and supply of Smart Phone Navigation and Smart Phone App based on LBS services

Business Domain

  • 2012 Signed Overseas Navigation Digital Map Supply Contract with TINOS Co., Ltd
    Signed GIS Contents supply Contract with KT Corp.
    Released ATLAN Online(iOS ver. / Korea)
  • 2011 Global navigation map software was released
  • 2010 Achieved 35% of Korean navigation map market share
  • 2010 Supplied navigation map software to Mio Technology Korea
  • 2009 Supplied navigation map software to Cowon Systems Inc.
  • 2009 Developed digital map software to be used for Korean Expressway Corporation’s DMB broadcasting
  • 2009 ATLAN 3D was released
  • 2009 Achieved 20% Korean navigation map market share
  • 2008 ATLAN V2.0 (Atlan Wiz) was released
  • 2007 ATLAN V1.0 was released
  • 2006 Mappers Co., Ltd. was founded


  • LG electronics (TOYOTA) 2011. Supplied Navigation Map S⁄W
  • Samsung SDS 2010. Performed GIS maintenance SVC for Samsung Electronics
    2010. Established Administrative geospatial information system
  • Daewoo IS Corp. (Tata-Daewoo Inc.) 2009. Supplied automotive Navigation Map S⁄W for Tata-Daewoo Inc.
  • Korean Electric Power Corporation 2010. Supplied Atlan X for underground/
    ground transmission facility inspection and management
  • Fine Digital
  • Mio Technology Korea
  • Daewoo IS
  • QDIS
  • MobiDic
  • Imercury Co.,Ltd.
  • JC Hyun System.Inc.
  • E-Sense Technology
  • SK Networks Co.,Ltd.
  • Inkel Corporation
  • Cowon System.Inc.


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Mappers Co., Ltd. offers outstanding Navigation Map S⁄W and GIS Solutions under its main brand ‘Atlan’. Mappers is proud of its series of products for various businesses.

The flagship products of Mappers are global Navigation Map S⁄W ‘Atlan(Global Version)’ and 3D Navigation Map S⁄W ‘Atlan 3D’.

Additionally, Mappers builds and maintains a Digital Map Data and supplies GIS Solutions utilizing such data to major Korean corporations and government entities.

As of now, ‘Atlan’ holds the market share of 35% in the highly competitive and demanding GPS Navigation Map S⁄W market in Korea.

Item Products Covering Areas Description Map Data
Navigation Map S⁄W ATLAN
- Cloud Navi
(ATLAN Online)
Korea Navigation Map Application for iOS Mappers
(Global Version)
Europe, North America,
Brazil, Southeast Asia,
China, Australia, etc.
  • Navigation Map S⁄W for CND
  • OS: Window CE 6.0 or Over
  • Storage: SD, HDD (8/16GB)
  • Resolution: 800*480 (expandable upon client’s request)
Navteq, TeleAtlas, etc.
Atlan 3D
Atlan Android
  • 3D Navigation Map S⁄W
  • Support various chipset (Sirf Prima, RMI, Telechips, etc.)
  • OS: Window CE 6.0 or Over, Android 2.2 or Over
  • Storage: SD, HDD (8/16GB)
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Memory: 256MB or above
Atlan Wiz
Atlan Wiz PC
  • 2D Navigation Map S/W
  • Atlan Wiz OS: Window CE 5.0 or Over
  • Atlan Wiz PC OS: Window XP or Window Vista
Digital Map Data
& GIS Solutions
Atlan Map Korea
  • Digital Map Data covering whole Korea.
  • POI/Map/NW data, 3D data and related tool kit
Map Solution for Web Korea Composed of Geo-Image Generator and Route Planner Mappers
Atlan X Korea A Navigation Digital Map component for Facility management and control Mappers


Following the first release of Atlan Map based on customizable Digital Map in November 2007, Mappers came to hold the largest market share in the online market from 2010 till now.

Korea Market share 40%
  • 2007 - Atlan1.0
  • 2008 - Atlan Wiz
  • 2009 - Atlan 3D
  • 2011.10 - Atlan(Global Version)
  • - Atlan(Global Version) product that aims the global market launched in September 2011, initiating full-scale global services.

Global Biz.

‘Atlan(Global Version)’ , a global Navigation Map S/W that can be used in various countries.

Since Mappers turned its eyes into Global market, it could achieve a couple of big Milestones such as successful market access to south American countries, global market coverage extension etc.

Finally, Mappers global business comes up as the main pillar of business category of the company.

  • Characteristics

  • Fast route searching speed and multiple route searching options
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI
  • Elegant design for embedded automobile navigation
  • Specifications

  • Storage: SD, HDD (8/16GB)
  • Resolution: 800*480 (expandable upon client’s request)
  • Operating System: Window CE 6.0 or Over
  • Covering Areas: Europe, North America, China, Australia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, etc.
Major Function
  • Numerous Searching Methods

    Atlan(Global Version) allows searching by Address, POI, Recent Destination, Favorites, Point–on-map, Go Home, Coordinates, and other inputs.

    Multiple destinations can be conveniently added through the ‘Multi Destination’ function.

  • Various Route Search Options

    Provides 3 route search modes: “Fastest”, “Shortest”, “Easy”

    Further, provides multiple route search results reflecting traffic information, and circumvents delayed areas when the ’Avoidance option’ is used.

  • Real-time Traffic Information

    Provides route guide that circumvents accidents or delayed areas by utilizing TMC traffic information.

    Also displays real-time traffic conditions on the map, letting the drivers avoid delayed routes.

  • Highway Assistance Mode

    Displays rest areas and gas station information while on highway.

    Junction View provided on the highway displays entrances, exits, and intersections.


Atlan 3D maps of the CND for the S/W.
					Maximize photorealistic 2D and the other a more accurate driving directions and
					map navigation is to implement.

  • Features

  • Provides 3D maps that are realistic and detailed,while keeping the manual simple and straightforward.
  • Fast response to the touch screen and 3D engines are activated to allow delicate 3D navigation displays.
  • Focuses on roads instead of buildings, for accurate guidance.
  • Specifications

  • Support various chipset (Sirf Prima, RMI, Telechips, etc.)
  • Storage: SD, HDD (8/16GB)
  • Resolution: 800*480
  • Memory: 256MB or above
  • Operating System: Window CE 6.0 or Over, Android 2.2 or Over
Main Functions
  • 3D Smart View - The first Full 3D Route Guide System, providing an intuitive route guide by perfectly matching the
      real world to the map screen.
    - Provides the fastest high quality full 3D graphic utilizing Mappers’ unique 3D Smart Engine
  • Flying View - A unique Route Preview Function far above the level of the original simulation driving.
    - With a single touch, Flying View provides the whole route dynamically as if users are seeing from
      a plane.
  • Dual Map - Dual Map is a function that allows simultaneous display of Two maps on One screen.
    - Users can set various modes and scales according to their preferences.
  • Topography Mode - Real 3D Geographical Features reflecting real geographical pitch, encompassing the height of road,
      river, lake, building, facilities, and more.
    - A car symbol moves up and down following the real geographical fluctuation.
  • X-ray Search - With X-ray Search, users can access detailed information of companies inside a building by company
      names, floors, and business types.
    - X-ray mark and animated outline allows the users to identify X-ray buildings easily.

Atlan Wiz 2D maps for the CND S/W.
					Natural feature of the detailed and precise map directions are designed to be faithful to.

  • Characteristics

  • Sophisticated UI
  • Super-precise map enabled to view at 10 meter intervals
  • Driving directions reflecting real-time traffic updates
  • specifications

  • Storage: SD, HDD (2/4GB)
  • Resolution: 800*480, 480*234, 320*240, etc.
  • Operating System: Window CE 5.0 or above

Key Features

  • “10 Meter Extreme Detailed View” - Based on the most precise map available in Korea, every corner and alley can be tracked
    - In addition to locations and detailed addresses, exact driving directions up to the buildings’
      entrances are provided
  • Real-time Alternative Routes - At major intersections, drivers are able to be aided not only with the destined route but with
      an alternative route.
    - Real-time traffic information (TPEG) reflects the current traffic flow, and suggests an optimal
      alternative route to prevent traffic jam or unexpected situations that occured on the original route.
    - Drivers can eaily compare the original route with the newly suggested route, and are able to
      simply follow the newly suggested route without any difficulty since the original route will remain
      still, along with the guidance of the newly suggested route

Atlan Wiz PC for the PC Navigation S/W.
					On the desktop computer, laptop computer and car navigation and
					the same search, driving directions features.

  • Key Features

  • Can be used as a GPS navigator immediately by connecting a GPS receiver
  • Additional features enabled by PC’s
  • Automatic GPS setting
  • Adjustable display size and full screen option
  • Multitasking with other applications

Moblie App “Good Delivery” of the restaurant looking for information,to order that book is an application for the iPhone.

  • Key Features

  • Searchs for restaurants that offer delivery service to your current location.
  • Provides menu and price for each and every restaurant.
  • Enables users to make reservation and/or order directly from the listed restaurants.
  • Users are enabled to evaluate the service and quality of the restaurants.

MSMP mapper through a system developed in-house off the number one country has succeeded in securing Navigation
					Digital Map Data. High-quality Digital Map Data generated based on the national map ahteulran family accounted for 35 percent of the market and market share is rising at a rapid pace.

  • Amount of data possessed and system for categorization

  • 15 largely categorized and 192 tightly categorized domestic background landmark data
  • Longest Domestic Link Data at 198,610km.
  • Largest domestic POI Data at over 2,500,000 pieces and classification table over 1100
  • Data characteristics

  • Improved Precision
  • Applied the only domestic topographic map NGIS v2.0 minimizing the differences between Map Data and actual topology.
  • Subdivision of Layers
  • By subdividing the roads, buildings, structures, and vegetation in 192 layers, the data is classified and managed more precisely.
  • Up-to-date
  • Periodic update (once every two months) through the Atlan official homepage Wireless update of safety information data twice a month through the DMB network.
  • Improved Property Information Accuracy
  • Improved detail information on buildings (names & number of floors), roads (tunnels & bridges), and others
  • Instances of data application

  • We provide service to highly respected corporations, government entities and public service offices Korea Expressway Corporation: We are supplying mapping database to ‘Road-Plus’, the road search web-map for Korea Expressway Corporation Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs: We are supplying control map database for real-time transportation transfer system to the Ministry

GIS solutions is composed of Geo-Image Generatar, a map manufactured personally for the client, and Route Planner, a service providing the most optimal road-direction services through collected road information. Moreover, GIS solutions is Atlan X for control systems and Total Solution for a new map concept that makes mash-up possible.

  • Instances of data application

  • By manipulating settings such as information indication on the map, color, shape and other simple options, the client can personally make a customized map for himself/herself.
  • Applied to many web service fields that are based on maps such as government/government offices, CRM/business, etc.
  • Geo-Image Generatar<

  • By adjusting settings (information to be displayed, color, shape), the user can easily create a customized map
  • Applied in various map-based web service used by governmental/ public service offices, CRM/business, and others
  • route planner

  • An intelligent route search solution utilizing advanced search algorithm to guide the driver through the most optimal route
    Suggests multiple routes after analyzing traffic information for specified time, distance, and other details Applied in the field of control system , including package distribution, taxis, and mail delivery services
  • Atlan X

  • A navigation/digital map component was developed to combine the digital map function with GIS solutions
  • Enables easy and quick GIS solution development in a PC-based environment
  • Applied in facility management (electric poles & railroads), distribution, control and emergency mobilization (accidents or other emergency situations)



9:00am ~ 6:00pm GMT Monday~Friday

If you are interested in Mappers’ products or working with Mappers, Please contact us via the E-mail above.

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